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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Thanksgiving Outreach

  • What is the Thanksgiving Outreach? Top
    Our Thanksgiving Outreach is a program in which Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. at CSULB organizes and provides meals for hundreds of needy families in the Greater Los Angeles area. We fundraise extensively throughout the year in order to provide families with these meals. We have been fortunate enough to have the support of hundreds of different people, organizations and businesses throughout the years. With your help, we can provide to more families in the future.
  • Why are you guys doing this? Top
    Every Thanksgiving, there are thousands of families that spend this holiday without a warm meal on their table. Many families are forced to choose between putting food on the table or paying the rent to have a roof over their heads. Our fraternity hopes to alleviate this problem by helping out as many families as possible. We believe that through our outreach program, we can make the world a better place one meal at a time.
  • How many families have you helped in the past? Top
    We have been doing event for over 18 years now, and the number of families fed each year keeps rising. We started with 8 families in 1998. Last year, we were able to deliver meals to 75 deserving families. This year our goal is to help feed over 350+ families. Overall, our Thanksgiving Outreach has reached out to 2,153 families throughout its existence.
  • What does the meal consist of? Top
    Each meal that we deliver consists of: a whole turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, a pie, dinner rolls, and beverages. Each meal feeds a family of 6-8 members.
  • How much does it take to sponsor a family? Top
    The various levels of sponsorships go as follows:

    Sponsor an entire meal to one family $60
    Co-sponsor a family $30
    Partial Sponsor a family $15

    Even the smallest donation will assist us in sponsoring a dinner for a family in need. The family will receive the meal knowing that it has been sponsored by your organization in conjunction with Lambda Theta Phi. We hope to assist as many families as possible. With your help, we can bring happiness and comfort to families in need this holiday season.
  • How can I help? Top
    You can visit our How Can I help section in this website to find out more. You can sponsor a family by contributing financially or by registering as a driver to deliver meals.
  • Can I apply for a meal on behalf of a family in need? Top
    Yes. Sometimes families that are in need don’t want to ask for help, are shy or just don’t understand our forms. We encourage you to fill out a form for them, but we also advice you to let them know you will be doing so to avoid confusion when we contact the family to inform them that they have been granted a Thanksgiving meal. It will speed up the entire process if the family is already aware of the application that was submitted on their behalf.
  • When and where does the event take place? Top
    We meet every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving right in front of the Pyramid at CSULB around 5:45pm. Registration tables with further information on where you will be delivering the meals will be available. Free snacks will be provided. Below you can find a map of the location.
  • How do I apply to receive a meal? Top
    You can find the application to receive a meal here. You will need to mail the form or drop it off at the following address:

    Lambda Theta Phi - Thanksgiving Outreach
    325 West 132nd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90061

  • When will I know if my application was accepted? Top
    We will contact you through a phone call starting the Sunday before Thanksgiving, to confirm that you will be home during the delivery time of 7:00-10:00p.m the night of November 23rd. We cannot call you earlier because we are still receiving donations days before the actual event. We won’t know how many families we can afford to feed until the last donation is accounted for.
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions? Top
    You can visit our Contact Us page where you can ask any general questions about our outreach or our organization.
  • Where can I get more information about Lambda Theta Phi? Top
    To learn more about Lambda Theta Phi, you can visit our about us section or visit our national website.