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Alpha Iota Chapter | Multimedia


We pride ourselves in having a very close bond every single one of the brothers. We have basketball tournaments, poker nights, soccer games, study hours, retreats in which we all assist to.


A great part about being greek is that you get to network with many different organizations. Here you can find a food social events we've held with other organizations on and off campus.


Having fun while maintaining good grades is our main priority. We emphasize academic development through workshops, study hours and mandatory advising if the student is doing poorly. We help each other out with homework, projects or tests if needed.

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Community Service

Giving back to the community is one of the biggest concerns for Lambda Theta Phi. We participate in Break Cancer walks, feed the homeless, feed families for Thanksgiving and hold workshops that educate the community.

Miscellaneous Pictures

These are pictures of unofficial events we've held in the past such as BBQ with family, step/stroll/saluting competitions and brothers hanging out in general.

Fundraising Parties

Every semester we have club parties in which we sell tickets to a club. We gather the funds collected through those fundraiser parties and we use it towards community service events.

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